The Resort

Imagine having it all, under the ancient, pure light of the Greek sun: A spacious, luxurious suite that simultaneously embodies elegance and Cycladic simplicity, amidst lush paths and flowered courtyards. A private terrace to spend your afternoons. A main common swimming pool for cool relaxing moments. A black sand beach, a mere 100 meters away from you. Spa facilities at your disposal for your wellness. The most celebrated sunrise, setting the rhythm for your days. The deep blue of the Aegean being the eye-resting backdrop of your stay.

The place where you have it all is the AMĀRIA Beach Resort.

Located between the secluded beach of Agia Paraskevi and the Airport, it is a chic, cozy haven where crisp marble elements harmoniously blend with the values of traditional Cycladic architecture. It is ideal both for a relaxing family vacation and a romantic escape, its unique-on-the-island gardens adding to the serenity of your stay. Apart from the large pool, the restaurant, and the pool bar, AMĀRIA also features in-house spa facilities, to complement the most stress-free holiday experience you’ll ever live.

First Glance

Once you set foot in AMĀRIA, what first catches your eye is the vegetation. Gardens, shaded areas, and flowered courtyards are a rarity in Santorini, which adds to the unique natural charm of the 12,000 sq.m. resort.

Your recently renovated Suite is waiting to welcome you with a Cycladic disposition – with a twist. You will be surrounded by an exquisite combination of cozy luxury and authentic Santorinian style. A private balcony or terrace will be the place for your relaxing island moments.

Want to spoil yourself even more? Then a Suite with a private pool is also an option at AMĀRIA Beach Resort.


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